Ready to see some fantastic props and costumes, on display at Destination Star Trek Europe?

With a collection Kivos Fajo would be jealous of, our much loved museum is back bigger and better with more exclusive product. Along with using our good friend Martin Netter, we are be showcasing some exclusive screen used items direct from the US in partnerhship with CBS.

Visit Destination Star Trek Europe and find many other treasures that will be on display in our showroom in the Star Trek Museum.

Martin Netter is going to show you the highlights of the Filmwelt Collection which is the most extensive collection of the Star Trek world.

It will include original costumes by leading actors such as Kirk, Data, Troi, Crusher, Worf, Odo, Trip Tucker... also Screenplays, designs, patterns, make-up and many more.

Martin Netter will also be personally guiding you through his collection of the museum and you can listen to the stories about every piece of the collection.

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Once again DST are working with the Filmwelt collection with Martin Netter putting together an amazing display that will be on show for the duration of #DST3.

Images from Destination Star Trek London 2012 Museum

Museum 2012

All the items on display over the weekend is being kindly loaned to us by collectors.

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