With a plethora of your favourite stars we know this is the part of DST that you love to attend!

Autographs are only available to purchase on the day you attend. Actors appear subject to work commitments. Autograph session times will not be advertised prior to the event however the autograph area will be open throughout the event and guests will be available for signings when they are not participating in Stage Talks or Photo Sessions.


All guest appearances subject to work commitments.  Not all guests will be appearing every day - please check their profiles for days attending.


Virtual Queuing Tickets aka VQs

Virtual queuing is an essential part of ensuring you do not spend your precious time at the event in never ending queues.  For the guests in most demand you will simply collect a ticket at the beginning of the day from a crew member in that guests auto area, and this will be your queue number, any time after your number has been called later in the day you may join the queue, this also makes sure that we can both manage numbers and demand on the day.

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