Professional photo shoots

If you haven't already purchased your guest photographs, do so now! The guests are kept extremely busy and in order to avoid disappointment on the day, we advise booking the photos in advance to be sure of getting your much loved keepsake.

Photo shoot tickets are per person, not per photo - so if you are planning a group photo every member of the group will need their own individual ticket but you will have as many photos taken and printed as tickets redeemed. The price of the ticket includes the photo shoot with the actor and a 6x9 photograph to take home with you.  This is printed for collection as you leave the photo area, so don't forget to pick it up.

The timetable for photo sessions will appear nearer to the event. All guests will be available for Photo Shoots on Saturday and Sunday, but a selection of guests will also have limited availability for photo sessions on Friday.


Individual Photo Shoot PricesBuy Tickets

William Shatner: £65

Armin Shimerman: £20

Linda Park: £20

Max Grodenchik: £15

Aron Eisenberg: £15


Additional Photo Shoot OpportunitiesBuy Tickets


Tribble Bridge Photo Shoot: £25
You on the Classic Bridge infested with Tribbles

Exclusive Quark Photo Shoot: £65
You and Armin Shimerman as Quark in costume & make-up on Quark's bar set

Family Portrait: £125
You and Armin Shimerman as Quark, Aron Eisenberg as Nog and Max Grodenchik as Rom, in costume and make-up


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