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The Filmwelt Collection is returning to Destination Star Trek Europe with its impressive selection of screen used props, costumes and memorabilia.

DSTL 121391With an authentic collection which would make Kivas Fajo envious, Martin Netter has been collecting Star Trek props for over thirty five years and holds the largest private collection on Earth.

Some of the items previously seen at Destination Star Trek Events include costumes and props from all series even including the latest movies. We have seen Borg drones, Odo's face mask, scripts, concept sketches and even a stuffed Porthos (not really Porthos though!). This year the collection returns with new unseen items for you to browse.

So don't miss our Museum at this year's Destination Star Trek Europe which is sure to be displaying some of the very best props and costumes to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek.

50 Years, 50 Artists


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