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William Shatner will be taking to the stage on Saturday night with his hit Broadway One Man Show 'Shatner's World'.

After a very successful Broadway run, William Shatner brings his one man show entitled “Shatner’s World” to Birmingham. It’s a show about passion. He speaks about love, death, motorcycles and gorillas. Well, you get the idea. It’s a fascinating, hysterical turn enjoyed by audiences around the world.

This event is exclusive to Destination Star Trek Europe and is a must for all Star Trek fans, guaranteed to keep you entertained and it's not to be missed.  Critically acclaimed, it is the first time this show has been seen in the UK.

"This show is more entertaining than it has any right to be"
New York Post

 Shatners World Logo

I haven’t saved the universe countless times (or even once),

but a part of me is Captain Kirk.

I’m not a hard-bitten, L.A. cop,

but a part of me is T.J. Hooker.

I’m not an addled (well, maybe), high-powered attorney,

but a part of me is Denny Crane.

I’ve had many other roles, on-screen and off…

Husband, father, friend. Horseman, Singer, Philanthropist, NEGOTIATOR.

All of the parts contribute to the whole,


I’ve been kissed hundreds (maybe thousands)
of times on screen,

yet only loved a few.

And perhaps most importantly, I’ve been killed 19 times, and yet

I am still standing here in front of you ready to go another 80 years.



Tickets on sale now

Ticket Prices

 Front Row  £125
 2nd/3rd Row  £115
 Tier 1  £95
 Tier 2  £75
 Tier 3  £65
 Tier 4  £45
 Tier 5  £35
 Tier 6

Shatner's World will take place on Saturday 8th October 2016, on the Enterprise Stage, Destination Star Trek Europe, NEC - starting at 7pm

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