Aron Eisenberg


Prior to his role as Quark's nephew "Nog" on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Aron Eisenberg could be seen (sans prosthetics) in leading roles on various television series and films. These works include Tales from the Crypt, "Amityville - The Evil Escapes," The Wonder Years, "The Liar's Club," "Playroom," "The Horror Show," "Puppet Master III," "Streets" and "Beverly Hills Brats."

Eisenberg has also performed on stage in such productions as "The Indian Wants," "On Borrowed Time" and "Minor Demons." His work in the latter production earned him a 'Zony' award for Best Supporting Actor. Occasionally, Eisenberg wears a director's hat for theatrical productions, like for the recent "The Business of Murder" at the Conejo Players Theater.

In his free time, Eisenberg enjoys mountain biking, soccer and spending time with his family.

Profile courtesy of Star

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