Gwynyth Walsh


As the younger and more dangerously seductive half of the Klingon Duras sisters, B’Etor as played by Gwynyth Walsh became one of modern Star Trek’s most iconic characters. She later turned up on Voyager’s “Random Thoughts” as a more humanoid Mari, Chief Examiner Nimira. As with Barbara March’s sister Lursa, Walsh debuted B’Etor in TNG’s two-part “Redemption” and reprised her in TNG’s “Bloodlines,” then DS9’s “Past Prologue” and then met a fitting fate in the big-screen Generations.

A 1958 native of Winnipeg, Canada, the stage was her first home across the U.S. and Canada, her 1990 TNG appearance coming only six years after her first screen role—and with March, a fellow Canadian. Among her many film and TV credits ever since, Walsh co-starred for five years as Patricia Da Vinci in the Canadian TV series Da Vinci’s Inquest.


B’Etor – First Born & Redemption, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek: Generations
Chief Examiner Nimira – Random Thoughts, Star Trek Voyager


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