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An early turn on the stage while he was in primary school gave Dominic Keating a taste for acting. But despite appearing in several stage productions while he was attending London's University College, Keating's Bachelor of Arts degree ultimately would be in history, not theater arts. By the late 1980's however, Keating was alternating between local stage productions and appearances on British television, including a permanent role in Desmond's, a long-running comedy, and a guest spot in the internationally broadcast Inspector Morse mysteries. But it was his first motion picture appearance, in Jungle 2 Jungle with Tim Allen and Martin Short, that served to expand his career into American productions. Soon he was showing up in U.S. productions like Poltergeist: The Legacy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, in a recurring role, The Immortal, starring Lorenzo Lamas. Following his co-starring role with Tom Berenger, Rod Steiger and Burt Reynolds in the feature The Hollywood Sign, Keating joined the cast of Star Trek: Enterprise. He since has co-starred on numerous series, from Las Vegas and Heroes to Prison Break and CSI: NY. His feature films include Hollywood Kills, Species: The Awakening and Beowulf. Most recently Keating co-starred in two motion pictures: as the dangerous "Godfather"-like title character in The Ninong, and in the upcoming martial arts/fantasy tale, The One Warrior.

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