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Jeffrey Combs


Jeffrey Alan Combs is an actor who has the distinction of portraying nine different characters on Star Trek, most notably those of Brunt and Weyoun on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the Andorian Shran on Star Trek: Enterprise. He is one of only five actors to play seven or more different characters in the Star Trek franchise, the others being Randy Oglesby, J.G. Hertzler, Vaughn Armstrong and Thomas Kopache. Coincidentally, Combs has appeared on Star Trek with all four of those actors.

Combs auditioned for the role of William T. Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but lost the part to Jonathan Frakes. Frakes remembered Combs and cast him as Tiron while directing the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Meridian". (DS9 Season 5 DVD, Special "Hidden File 10")

Combs has since earned himself quite a number of appearances on Star Trek, guest starring in thirty-one episodes of Deep Space Nine, one episode of Star Trek: Voyager, and eleven episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. In "The Dogs of War", Combs played both Weyoun and Brunt, becoming one of only two Star Trek actors ever to play two unrelated characters in the same episode (the other being Patrick Stewart in "The Defector", where he played both Jean-Luc Picard and Michael Williams), and the only one credited for playing both characters in that episode. He did it a second time while playing Weyoun and an unnamed Holosuite Guest in "What You Leave Behind", the final episode of DS9. He has also appeared in two Star Trek series finales: DS9's "What You Leave Behind" and ENT's "These Are the Voyages...".

The species he has played on Star Trek include three Ferengi, a Vorta, a Norcadian, and an Andorian. He also played an imaginary Human in "Far Beyond the Stars". The name of Tiron's race was never revealed. Combs has said that out of all the Trek roles he has played, Weyoun is his favorite character.

Profile courtesy of Memory Alpha

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