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Toronto-born Nicole de Boer made her television acting debut at the age of 11 as the uncredited “little girl at hospital” in Freddie the Freeloader’s Christmas Dinner, an HBO special starring Red Skelton and Vincent Price.  For the next 17 years, she worked steadily, primarily on Canadian TV or in U.S. productions that were filmed in Canada, such as TekWar and The Outer Limits (1995 version).  Then in 1998, as a behind-the-scenes search began for a new Dax to fill the departing Terry Farrell’s “shoes,” DS9 writer/producer Hans Beimler recommended a young woman he’d worked with in Canada on two different series.  De Boer won the role of Ezri Dax after flying south to test in L.A.  DS9 was then in its final season, so a year later de Boer was out of work, but was soon cast as a regular in the television series adaptation of author Stephen King’s The Dead Zone.  De Boer has also appeared in the films Prom Night IV, National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, and the critically acclaimed Cube, winner of a variety of global festival awards including Best Canadian First Feature at 1997’s Toronto International Film Festival.

More recently Nicole has starred alongside Anthony Michael Hall in the Dead Zone, playing Sarah Bannerman for 6 seasons.

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