Exclusive Panels

A full schedule of talks that will be taking place at Destination Star Trek London will be published a week before the event.

Discover those behind the scenes tales, find out our guests favourite episodes or experiences relating to Star Trek or simply enjoy listening to stories as told by your favourite actors.

Talks will take place throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.  We will be planning and scheduling these stages in the coming months so check back closer to the event, or keep an eye on our announcements via social media.


Enterprise Stage

Join us on the Enterprise Stage (ticketed talks) for a truly unforgettable experience.  The main stage will be fully ticketed with more details released as soon as they are known.

All talks will be conducted in a controlled Q&A style, but every visitor will have the opportunity to either ask questions directly or submit them to the host if you prefer not to speak in front of the crowd.

Whilst we cannot guarantee you will get to ask your question, we do offer you the chance - so get thinking of things you have always wanted to know about Star Trek and have the opportunity to ask it at Destination Star Trek London.

Some ticket packages include Talk Tickets that take place in the Enterprise Stage, these will be allocated nearer to the event. Tickets to talks in the Enterprise Stage will be limited however Voyager and Excelsior Stage areas will be free to enter and will operate on a first come first served basis with a percentage of seats reserved for package holders. More details will be revealed when it becomes available.


Voyager Stage

In addition to our Enterprise and Excelsior Stages, our Voyager stage will feature entirely free talks (Don't tell the Ferengi). We are still working on the content and schedule, which will be released at a later date so watch this space!


Excelsior Stage

While the Enterprise Stage and the Voyager Stage provide talks with our amazing guests, our third stage, the Excelsior Stage is exclusively for our fans. All panels on the Excelsior stage will be free over all three days. That means two stages (Voyager and Excelsior) worth of free talks for three days!


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