JG Hertzler


John Garman Hertzler is best-known for playing Chancellor Martok on Deep Space Nine. However, his "Star Trek" links go back to 1990, when he appeared in an episode of Quantum Leap opposite Scott Bakula, the man who became Jonathan Archer. He played four other characters in Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.


He also contributed voice acting to several Star Trek computer games.


Martok / Laas / Roy Ritterhouse - Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Hirogen Hunter - Star Trek Voyager
Klingon Captain / Advocate Kolos - Star Trek Enterprise


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Bio courtesy of StarTrek.com

Appearance days

Friday, Saturday & Sunday


Autograph: £15

Photo Shoot: £15

Photo on the Klingon Throne - £25

Photo in make up and Costume as Martok (Sat) £25

Photo in make-up and costume (Martok) on the Klingon Throne (Sat) £35

Double Photo Shoot in make-up and costume (Martok) with Suzie Plakson in make-up and costume (Sat) £60

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