Brent Spiner


Destination Star Trek welcomes the return of Brent Spiner to the event this October. Data is without doubt a fan favourite and the recent news that he is set to appear in Star Trek Picard, gives us even more reason to celebrate!
As Data, Spiner appeared in all 7 seasons of The Next Generation, and then appeared in all 4 TNG movies, getting a writers credit for Star Trek Nemesis.

Spiner also appeared in a handful of Enterprise episodes primarily as Arik Soong. Outside of Star Trek, Brent has always remained busy showing up in Independance Day, Phenomenon, The Big Bang Theory, Warehouse 13, Ray Donovan and Outcast to name but a few!

Appearance days

Friday, Saturday & Sunday


Autograph: £50

Photo Shoot: £50

Guests appearance subject to work commitments. Not all guests will be attending all days. Additional or individual autographs, unless stated otherwise in the ticket package description, will be an extra charge at the event and can not be purchased in advance.