Marianna Hill


Marianna Hill portrayed Helen Noel in the Classic Episode 'Dagger of the Mind' in 1966.

A familiar character actress, Mariana Hill is the daughter of a building contractor. From her native southern California, her family moved around quite a bit, including to Canada, Spain and Great Britain. As a result, she became familiar with different accents and dialects, whether a French accent (for a guest appearance on My Three Sons (1960), or German Hogan's Heroes (1965). She started acting while a teenager, apprenticing at the La Jolla (Calif.) Playhouse, and also studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. Mariana's exotic looks enabled her to portray a variety of types, including a Hawaiian girl, an Irish lass and Greek beauty. She has also been an acting coach and teacher at the Lee Strasberg Institute in London.

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